Our solutions for your business.

    • 100% customised solution, cloud-based and high-tech. Join our vision, manage your business with a software fully tailored to your needs.

    • The smartest way to manage your customer's relationships. Web-based, responsive layout and easily connectable to most of the existing software.

    • We can help you with all the web matters!
      Support you from the essential website development to the most challenging web-service integration.

    • Business Intelligence services, optimise your workflows and gain complete control over your business. Customised dashboards and automation solutions.

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      Zeus Business Software is our most complete and customisable solution.
      Some of Zeus’s great features include:

      • "Just Ask!" This is the way we work. After a deep analysis on your workflows, we'll customise Zeus to your needs.
      • Zeus allows you to manage Customers, Suppliers and Products from everywhere in the world. You'll no longer need an installation!
      • Zeus is user-friendly and fully integrated with any workflow. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to create an invoice from a production order!

      ERMES CRM Software is the best way to stay connected with your customers.
      Some of ERMES’s great features include:

      • "Just Ask!" This is the way we work. After a deep analysis on your workflows, we'll customise ERMES to your needs.
      • Enjoy ERMES's modern layout from all your devices. Smartphone, tablet or PC, doesn't matter, ERMES will always look sharp!
      • ERMES will be fully integrated with any of your current software. According to your needs, we can make it read any data-source!

      IT4BIZ's expertise in web technologies allow us to cover all the aspects of web development.
      We can help you in:

      • Website development.
      • REST Services / SOAP.
      • Application programming interfaces (APIs)

      We can support your business in many day to day activities, but also in monthly BI Analysis.
      Some of our skills:

      • Business flow analysis and reporting, diagrammatic representations in Unified Modeling Language (UML).
      • Creation of BI dashboards, with the most modern tecnologies (QlikView, SAP Business Objects).
      • Automation and integration, development of smalls software or routines to make your life easier.

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